Van Saun Financial can be a Partner Through Every Stage of Life.

Good sailors chart a course, adjusting to wind shifts and currents along the way. That's how Van Saun Financial works with clients. There's always a strategy in place, but when the unexpected happens, we adjust and adapt to the prevailing winds. 

Our process is straight-forward:

  • Listen and discuss a client's concerns, hopes, and goals.
  • Dive in. Dig deep. Research.
  • Formulate a strategy and present it to the client for review.
  • Once approved, implement.
  • Monitor and update it when necessary.

Van Saun Financial's goal is to curate a strategy that will fit your needs and budget. So, if you have just launched a career, are newly married, starting a family, or buying a home, Van Saun Financial can help you protect and maximize your assets. If you're a business owner and need strategies for retirement, business continuation, or the unexpected, Van Saun Financial can help you identify the best strategies to achieve your long-term objectives.

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Sam Van Saun sailing on the Rappahannock River